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Caledonia Reduces Inventory 22% at Client's Portfolio Company
A Recent Success

Caledonia's Approach to Inventory Planning
Inventory Planning, June 2010

New Challenges in China Sourcing
China Sourcing, June 2010

Caledonia Group at APICS
Look for Caledonia Group's own David Boyce at this year's APICS conference in Parkersburg, WV where he will be discussing LEAN in an administrative environment. Find out more at http://www.apicsparkersburg.org/PDM.html

The New Standard in Operating Turnarounds: Lean Thinking?
The Journal of Corporate Renewal, December 1996

Chapter 11 Alternative:
Using Section 363 to Maximize “Going Concern” Value

The 1996 Bankruptcy Yearbook and Almanac, New Generation Research, Inc., Boston, 1996

The New Financial Capitalists: A Review Essay
The Journal of Corporate Renewal, February 1999

How Scientific Are Your Management Methods?
The Journal of Corporate Renewal, October 1999

Material Flow Systems Are Key to Manufacturing Turnarounds
The Journal of Corporate Renewal, December 2001

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